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The wisdom of childhood

30 Apr

I found this piece written by yoga teacher Gloria Latham a while back and always read it whenever I’m taking life too seriously. Make sure to take some time to play today.

10 Good Reasons to Hang Out with Children

1. They love to play and you have completely forgotten how to.

2. They can enter into spontaneous, deep states of meditation by simply staring at ants on the sidewalk (no meditation cushion, or guru required).

3. They love colour and you won’t expand your wardrobe choices beyond black, white, grey and possibly khaki.

4. They break into song and dance regularly and you’ll only sing in the shower and probably haven’t been dancing for ages.

5. Yoga poses are part of their everyday routine whereas you have to work really hard to get all those knots out of your body, not to mention your mind.

6. They hug lots, and you generally avoid all physical contact with anyone you’re not in an intimate relationship with.

7. They nap, and you don’t dare rest until you’ve hit the wall.

8. They have outdoor time scheduled everyday whereas most days, the closest you get to nature is via your laptop.

9. They are extremely honest.

10. They are excited about life…..are you?

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