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The key to my balance

14 Apr

Sunset Yogaphoto © 2008 Andrew Kalat | more info (via: Wylio)I’ve been in love with yoga for many years.  I haven’t practiced yoga for all those years, but I have loved it nonetheless.

I dabbled with DVD’s in my home.  I owned a mat, blocks and straps.  I even subscribed to Yoga Journal and a ridiculous number of yoga blogs.  I had learned an amazing amount about the discipline considering I had never stepped inside a yoga studio for a lesson.

So why on earth didn’t I go to a class?  It’s pretty simple.  I was nervous.  My shy self isn’t very comfortable around new people.  I was also intimidated.  The images you see in magazines, blogs and DVD’s are of beautiful women full of strength, flexibility and grace.  I was not one of those ladies.  My arms and legs had long ago abandoned the idea of being firm and toned.  My aching back refused to let me touch my toes.  And grace?  Well, let’s just move on.

As someone often concerned about looking foolish in front of others, I was not about to line myself up in a room full of graceful, flowing yogis when I could barely hold myself up in downward dog.

Then last summer, while lying on my couch with my laptop, I googled yoga classes in my area and found a new studio had opened just a month earlier in my town.   Full of excitement, I checked out the website.  It was so beautiful and welcoming.  This was a place I’d like to visit.  I knew I probably wouldn’t.

A couple of weeks later, I was wandering through the booths at our town’s summer fair when I came upon one for the new yoga studio.  Well, what did I have to lose?  I went over to ask some questions and found out the first week was free.  Sweet.  Now I just had to get myself to go.

Four days later, I showed up for my first class.  I haven’t stopped going since.

The studio has become a space for me to slow down, breathe and connect with an amazing group of women (and men), most of who started from the same point as me.  We are an array of individuals in all shapes and sizes; our ages from teen to senior.  I am forever grateful for the time I can spend there.

Yoga teaches us to accept things as they are in the moment.  It requires no strength, flexibility or grace.  Instead, these are the gifts that yoga bestows.


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